Carmin Carotenuto’s love of games is limited only by the temporal constraints that keep him from playing all of them. A firm believer that games are for everyone, Carmin has spent the last decade promoting games from the soapbox that is STRATEGIES Games & Hobbies. While he is fascinated by the mechanical structure of games, he realized that they’re mostly there to just make sure a game works well, and so long as the game is fun, the rules come second. When not rolling dice or reading about fantastic worlds, Carmin collects records, writes as best as he can, and is a co-host of the Adventure.EXE podcast where he does silly voices. 


If you’d like to book Carmin to be your Game Master here’s what he can run comfortably: 2d20 System (Mutant Chronicles, Conan, Star Trek), Chronicles of Darkness, Dungeon Crawl Classics, Dungeons & Dragons (Basic (red box), D&D 5th edition), and Savage Worlds.


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